Peggy Nash unveils plan to make Canada a global leader in innovation

Toronto / 13 January 2012 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, released today her plan to make Canada a global leader in innovation.

Nash’s expertise on the economy is widely touted as one of her most distinguishing assets as a leadership contender.

“The Harper Conservatives’ approach to innovation is that it will just happen without strategic leadership, without promotion, without targeted support to the private sector,” said Nash. “This complacency has failed Canada. I know we can do better.”

Nash’s policy focuses on providing new, proven, and practical approaches to fostering an innovative economy:

  • launch a new Canada Innovation Fund to provide targeted support for specific R&D projects and new product programs at qualifying high-tech firms
  • provide pre-commercial and commercial fiscal support through a new Canada Development Bank for focused, sector-oriented projects and programs
  • implement expanded investment tax credits accessible only to companies that actually invest in high-tech new machinery and equipment
  • improve systems to commercialize the R&D that takes place in Canadian universities and other public institutions while ensuring continued support for basic research
  • build market support for innovative Canadian products and services
  • bring together champions of Canadian innovation from the private sector, universities, scientific community, venture finance, labour, and other stakeholders to build sector planning networks

“Under my leadership, the NDP – and the next government – will motivate the investment needed for innovation-led growth and job creation right across our country,” continued Nash.

“It’s time to put Canada back on the global innovation map. A strong and stable economy means prosperous and sustainable communities across the country. And Canadians deserve no less.”

Making Canada a Global Leader in Innovation

– 30 –

“Peggy Nash embodies the NDP values of social justice, environmental sustainability and prosperity for all. I’m supporting Peggy because she can relate to the working families in my riding, and across the country, that are struggling to pay the bills, and inspire young people to get involved in politics to help build a better Canada.”

Randall Garrison, MP

Esquimault-Juan de Fuca, BC
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